Speed Screen

Speed Screen is one of four different types of gutter protection systems offered by Barlett Gutter.

Speed Screen is an all-aluminum gutter screen that requires no screws and no lifting of shingles to install. You simply place the back of the screen inside the gutter, on top of the gutter brackets, then compress to spring load the screen and snap it into place. Speed Screen prevents leaves and debris from clogging your gutter.

Speed Screen

About Speed Screen

  • Pre-notched for overlaps
  • All aluminum - no rust
  • Sizes for 5" and 6" gutters
  • 4' sections for fast installation
  • Spring-like tension holds screen securely in place
  • Reinforced edge provides strength and support between hangers
  • Simply sits on top of the gutter brackets and snaps into place
  • No screws and no shingles to deal with
  • Low profile design allows debris to blow off easily
  • Virtually invisible from the ground
  • Proudly made in the USA


Available in mill finish or black.