Leaf Screen

A mesh leaf screen is one of three different types of gutter protection systems offered by Barlett Gutter.

Bartlett Gutter Company's leaf screen consists of a strong steel wire mesh with metal flashing crimped along the sides forming a tongue and groove fit. The front side of the leaf guard is fitted into the gutter and the back side fits under the shingle allowing the screen to sit at the same pitch of the roof. This prevents the build up of debris.

Most leaf guards are wire mesh. Some wire meshing is not sturdy enough to prevent the weight of small animals (squirrels, birds, etc.) or small twigs and branches from collapsing the mesh causing a dam in your gutter system. The leaf guard that Bartlett Gutter Company uses is sturdy and will prevent this problem and keep debris from your gutter. The mesh is about 1/8” square. Any debris that passes through will wash out your downspouts. The only maintenance required is every two to four years your system needs to be flushed out using a garden hose. There is no need to remove your leaf guards.

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