Gutter Installation

Bartlett Gutter Company uses a hidden hanger system with screws installed approximately every two feet.

Most competitors use spike and ferrules (nails) and spacing them approximately three to four feet apart. This often causes the nails to back out of the face of the gutter allowing the gutter to pull away from the house.

Bartlett Gutter Company uses a high performance Terpolymer Sealant on all miters and end caps. This provides a watertight seal and will allow for expansion of the metal. Other competitors may use a gutter lap sealant that often becomes hard and brittle causing leaks to occur.

Bartlett Gutter Company uses stamped strip miters on all corners that allows for the expansion of the metals and does not cause the gutter to pull apart at the corners.

Downspouts come in various sizes:

  • 2x3 inch
  • 3x4 inch
  • 4x5 inch
  • 4 inch round

The most commonly used downspout size is the 3x4 inch downspout for both 5 and 6 inch gutters.

Gutter sizes:

  • 5 inch Ogee style
  • 6 inch Ogee style
  • 7 inch Ogee style
  • 5 inch round
  • 6 inch round

Gutter Colors

Bartlett Gutter offers a wide variety of colors. Our estimators can help advise which colors would be most suitable for your home.

Other colors available upon request.